5 Great Reasons Why You Should Register Your Name As A Domain Name
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5 Great Reasons Why You Should Register Your Name As A Domain Name

It may seem like everyone and their brother is getting active online. More and more people are blogging, building websites and interacting online than ever before. Whether you plan on creating your own blog or website or rarely use the internet, it still makes good sense to buy your name as a domain name.

  1. So no one else can have it: This may sound funny. However, the repercussions of someone having your domain name aren't so fun. Anytime someone enters your name in a search engine (say for example you're applying for a job), then they're going to find this other person's website. The person with your name who thought to buy the domain name first. Hopefully, they're at least presenting themselves positively.

    Grab your name as a .com now, while you can. Now if your name is Janet or John Smith then you might have a bit of a challenge however, middle names can make it much easier to register your unique name.

  2. In case you become famous: Imagine you are running for President of the United States and you never registered your name as a domain name. Now imagine if your top opponent registered your name and redirected it to his campaign website.

    Here is a perfect example: If you click on JebBush.com it will redirect you to DonaldJTrump.com.

    Seriously. Strange things happen every day and it only takes one incident to make you famous. If this happens, wouldn't you would want to have your name registered as a domain name? What if you see someone getting mugged and you step in to help - bam you're in the news and everyone knows your name.

    Or if you campaign for a political office, write a book, sing a song, paint or take a picture, or post a funny video on YouTube - any number of things can make you famous whether or not you're not intentionally seeking fame.

  3. For business: Whatever industry you're in or hobby or interest you have, you may one day want to have a website devoted to your strengths, skills, knowledge and experience. This may be a website designed to make a profit or it may simply be a website or blog you create to communicate your knowledge and help others. Having your name registered as a .com domain name will be important.

    Don't have any designs on starting an online business, blog or website? You never know when a great idea will come to you and you'll want to take action. Think of your domain name as insurance - an inexpensive "just in case."

  4. It's incredibly inexpensive: Seriously, if you've put off registering your name as a .com because you thought it was expensive, it's not. We're talking about less than a dollar a month. You probably have that much change under the cushions in your couch or under the floor mats in your car each month.
  5. You are unique and can contribute to the world: We each have something unique to contribute to the world. Who you are, your personality, opinions, skills, strengths and experiences are unique and can make a difference in other people's lives. You don't have to contribute to the world by creating a website. However, when you register your name as a .com you at least have the option.

Registering your name as a .com just makes good sense. It's insurance and opportunity in one step. It protects your good name, provides you with the opportunity to contribute to the world and leaves room for you to create a business in the future.

When it costs less than a dollar a month, there's really no reason not to register your name RIGHT NOW!


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